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International Intensive Interaction week 8-14th October 2018: Day 209 Oct 2018International Intensive Interaction week 8-14th October 2018: Day 2Day 2: What does intensive interaction aim to develop?

Intensive interaction aims to develop the ‘fundamentals of communication’ which include:

  • Learning to give brief attention to another person.
  • To share attention with another person.
  • Learning to extend those attentions, learning to concentrate on another person.
  • Developing shared attention into 'activities'.
  • Taking turns in exchanges of behaviour.
  • To have fun, to play.
  • Using and understanding eye contacts.
  • Using and understanding of facial expressions.
  • Using and understanding of non-verbal communication such as gesture and body language.
  • Learning use and understanding of physical contacts.
  • Learning use and understanding of vocalisations, having your vocalisations become more varied and extensive, then gradually more precise and meaningful.

For more information please speak to your Speech and Language therapist, look at our Intensive interaction section on the website or visit

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